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Bass Guitar
Born deaf, in a deaf family, Ed Chevy (bass, composer) had to find music the hard way. Listening to old country stars on an old phonograph in his father’s workshop gave him an appreciation of music, however it wasn’t until he went to see The Who in concert that he fell in love with Rock and Roll. Watching the high-energy band, with all their excitement and destructiveness, made Ed decide to become a rock star. It wasn’t until he met Steve Longo (guitar) at California School for the Deaf, Berkeley that he first picked up the bass, when Steve suggested he play it for the group he wanted to put together. Ed learned to play cover songs and then began composing songs for the band. Now, along with Steve and Bob Hiltermann (drums), Ed’s music and inspiration has helped Beethoven’s Nightmare rock for many years, and brought “Deaf Rock” to international attention.
Ed Chevy is recognized as a veteran in the field of Deaf education and entertainment. He is an acclaimed Deaf rock musician, a multi-talented artist and a mentor to Deaf and HH students, sign language students and hearing families with children who have hearing loss.
He built a resume of appearances on stage and on TV. He is considered one of the prolific beacons in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing galaxy in the Pacific Rim.
German born Bob Hiltermann (drums) is a true success story. Spinal meningitis left him deaf at the age of four, however it was not discovered until he was 10. Living with a large family of musicians, Bob gained a love for music, but it was until he was invited to an Indian ceremony that he realized his passion for the drums. Using his neighbor’s drums, he played along with his favorite LP’s and 45’s, honing his talents. Then, while attending Gallaudet University, Bob met Ed Chevy (bass) and Steve Longo (guitar) and the rest, as they say, is history. Inspired by The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, his true inspiration came from Led Zeppelin. Along with acting on stage, in films and television, and creating his own line of sign language videos, he rocks to the music of his own band, internationally famous Beethoven’s Nightmare.
Lead Guitarist
The Beatles, Ed Sullivan and a flea market guitar all led to Steve Longo (Lead Guitarist) to still be rockin almost 50 years later. When Steve saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, he picked up an old folk guitar that his parents had purchased at the flea market and immediately began learning to play.  While attending Gallaudet University, Steve helped create the first all deaf rock band with Ed Chevy (bass and vocals) and Bob Hiltermann (drums). Drawing upon influences from the Beatles, The Monkees and the Rolling Stones, he has created his own unique sound within the band. Since that time, the group has grown from a small club band to an international success. Forty-eight years after picking up that first guitar, Steve has parlayed his love of music into a successful career and he has no plans to stop!
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