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If You Can’t Feel the Music, Why Play it?



If you ever thought that music had to be heard, you have never seen, or felt, the incredible rock band, “Beethoven’s Nightmare.” Comprised of three deaf musicians – yes, I said deaf, pay attention! – this band rocks with all the subtlety of a freight train. Taking their influences from such greats as: The Who, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, the Foo Fighters, Nirvana and the Ramones, Beethoven’s Nightmare’s has a classic sound mixed with a modern edge. Their sold out shows are an event that leaves people dancing in the aisles, grooving to the music and begging for more.


Ed Chevy, Bob Hiltermann and Steve Longo make up Beethoven’s Nightmare, and for them, music is something truly felt inside and an expression of the soul, thus allowing them to rock out with all the talent and excitement as their hearing counterparts. The band plays their own songs, as well as the occasional cover.


Inspiration for their name came from the musical genius, Ludwig Von Beethoven, who’s life became a nightmare after becoming deaf at the age of 35, however, it did not stop him from continuing his love of music and composing some of his greatest works. This was the inspiration for the name of the band, Beethoven’s Nightmare. Other inspiration came from watching some of the greatest legends of Rock and Roll perform, encouragement from family and being able to connect two worlds in harmony.  


So how did these three cats decide to start a band? They first met back in Washington D.C., at Gallaudet University. Finding they shared love of rock they got the crazy idea to start a band. Naming it “The Funk,” the boys began honing their musical skills playing local rock festivals, fraternity and senior graduation parties, as well as local clubs. Later, they reunited in San Francisco, changed the name to “Beethoven’s Nightmare,” and took it to the next level by composing their own music and putting out their first CD. They have appeared in a documentary, won awards and the group’s fame continues to grow as they travel across the US and Europe. They say rock bands don’t last, but forty years later, Beethoven’s Nightmare is still rockin’ it harder than ever.

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